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Construction of the Steam Power Plant “Gródek” in Gdynia (45 objects)

After Poland regained independence, it had to catch up as far as the country’s industrialization was concerned. One of the first economic endeavours in Pomerania was putting he Hydro-Electric Plant in use in 1923. It could produce 16.5 million kilowatt hours of energy per year. The plant used the water power of the river Wda (Czarna Woda). It stored the energy in a huge water tank created by the construction of a massive dam. This was the base for producing electric energy by moving turbines with water power.

Soon, in 1928, the energy from Gródek started powering Gdynia. But before it happened, the city was electrified in 1925. At that time, electricity was provided by the Kartuzy County Power Plant “Rutki”. In 1929, the City Power Distribution Plant in Gdynia was established. It distributed energy and was in charge of the power grid in the city.

As the city was developing, so was the power grid.  It resulted in the construction of the “Gródek” power plant in Gdynia in 1935-1936. It was located in the port, near the end of the Port Canal, opposite the areas where wood was stored by the “Paged” company. The power plant was connected to the hydroelectric power stations in Żur and Gródek on the Wda river. In 1939, the plant provided electric energy and heat for 23 thousand consumers. After the war, the Heat and Power Plant Station 1 operated there.