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Gdynia Online project

The aim of the “Gdynia Online” project is to digitalise the Gdynia City Museum’s collection and to make it available to a broad audience. The project will make it possible to create technical infrastructure for digitalizing, processing and archiving the collection in a digital form and to make the items available in an attractive form, through a digital museum and an interactive map of Gdynia.

The project was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as a part of the programme “Digital Culture”.

Gdynia City Museum Resources

The collection of the Gdynia City Museum consists of over 60 thousand objects of material culture, photographs, documents and works of art. The Gdynia City Museum's resources are a comprehensive illustration of a unique phenomenon for the Polish Nation – the establishment and development of the port and the city of Gdynia, one of the greatest achievements of the Second Republic of Poland. The materials present Gdynia's history in an urban planning, industrial and social perspective.

Both the photographic resources as well as the official and personal documents gathered in the Museum are a unique proof of the city's development from its origins (granting the city charter in 1926), through the period of extremely dynamic development (1926-1939, population increase by 120 thousands), the time when the expansion stopped (1939-1945) as well as the post-war reconstruction and gradual development (after 1945).

The collected items allow a very precise observation of the process which is a rarity when it comes to other cities. No other city has as precise documentation of its entire history as Gdynia – a documentation of such a unique project which was completed in the interwar Poland.

Access to images

The images presenting the objects which are provided on the “Gdynia Online” website are a resource of the Virtual Gdynia City Museum and are provided under license specified on each item’s tab. High resolution images and photographs of the items are provided based on an application (you can download it below) which must be submitted in the Gdynia City Museum’s Office or sent by post to the Museum’s address. The Gdynia City Museum does not provide access to the images of items to which it has no copyright which would leave the image of the protected piece of art at its free disposal.


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