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Gdynia Port During in 1929 (44 objects)

In the album “Stan budowy portu w Gdyni” / “Progress of the Construction of the Port in Gdynia” there are 46 photographs which documented the Gdynia port in the autumn of 1929. There are the photos of the Dutch passenger ship “Zeelandia”as well as the areas around the Marshal Piłsudski’s Basin (the Indian, Rotterdam, Polish and Polish quays as well as the Rice Mill and the documentation of the Port Coldstore construction).

We can peek at the construction works in the Gdynia port: dredging of the port channel as well as the early stage of the Passenger Pier, Danish Quay and Fishing Pier’s construction. A large part of the photographs’ collection is devoted to the Coal Pier. You can also see the Swedish and Silesian quays there or the newly built railway wagon tippler. The view of the external harbour from Kamienna Góra is interesting too. Many of the photographs present the works connected with the deepening of the port basin: a dredgers, scows and prefabrication as well as towing of the concrete boxes, the so-called caissons.

The photographs were developed in one of Gdynia’s most famous photo shops “Foto-Elite” which was established in 1928. So it was one of the first large jobs completed by this shop. It was founded by Bronisław Nogajewski who came from Poznań. Unfortunately, he died next year. His wife Mieczysława decided to take over the shop, though she lacked a proper licence. She obtained a master certificate and moved the shop to 7 Starowiejska Street. Thanks to the owner’s resourcefulness, the “Foto-Elite” shop developed quickly and became one of the most recognisable addresses in the pre-war Gdynia. There still is a photo shop under the same name at the same address today.