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Municipal Transport Association in Gdynia (20 objects)

The album contains 20 black and white photographs which present the depot of the Municipal Transport Association in Gdynia’s Szosa Gdańska (today’s Zwycięstwa Alley) in the Redłowo district in 1931.

Inside, there are black pages bound with a string on the spine. On each page, there is a photograph presenting minister Kwiatkowski’s visit, a group picture of the MTK employees, its office building and the garages which were adjacent to it, buses (drivers as well as shapes and interiors of the buses), bus workshops, their employees, the warehouse and the office staff.

The cover of the album is made of thick cardboard, covered with bright fabric, with a pattern of densely arranged black, red and blue crescents.

The history of public transport in Gdynia began in 1928, when the private company “Szandrach and Czarnowski” started the first bus line from Oksywie to Sopot. In September 1929, the partnership Towarzystwo Komunikaji Automobilowej (TKA) / Automobile Transport Association was established in the city of Poznań which was its part. On 1st January 1930, the Municipal Transport Association was founded in Gdynia.  Hilary Ewert-Krzemieniewski was the president of the management board. Its first managing director was Jakub Goldhar. In 1934, he was replaced by Jan Kawecki MSc, who contributed to the reduction of maintenance costs and the improvement of the fleet.