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Sand, Water, Fashion. Historic Gdynia on the Beach (29 objects)

In the interwar period, Gdynia was a window on the world of the independent Poland which was reborn after 123 years. Gdynia was a dynamically developing young city and the most modern commercial port on the Baltic Sea with the seat of the Navy and the modernist buildings of its central part. It was also a popular destination among Polish tourists. Gdynia coastline with dedicated batching beaches stretched from the passenger pier in Central Gdynia (Śródmieście) to Orłowo which was incorporated into Gdynia administratively in 1935. In this area, in the early 20th century, there were summer resorts with baths on the beach, restaurants and tourist accommodation in the seaside hotels. The tourist infrastructure developed together with the city and the growing interest of Poles who chose Gdynia as a place to spend their summer holidays.

Thanks to the surviving travel and postcard photographs and, above all, the souvenir family photos, we can familiarise ourselves with the beach fashion of those days and learn about the beach customs or games.

The photograph collection “Sand, Water, Fashion. Historic Gdynia on the Beach” is a presentation of objects from the collections of the Gdynia City Museum which constitute a unique exposition presented in the “Klif” Gallery from 12.07 to 31.08.2019.