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Gdynia's Heroes (29 objects)

 “A city of sea and dreams” is a perfect description of Gdynia which came into being thanks to people who saw the opportunities provided by the access to the sea as a fulfilment of their dreams of a better life. They came here from different parts of Poland and the world. These were people of various professions and what they had in common was the hunger for activity, generosity and a will to help or contribute for giving Poland a window on the world. All of them were Gdynia’s heroes. To familiarize you with the most eminent ones and honour their achievements, we present a collection of photographs of fifteen great People of Gdynia complemented with biographic notes. Among them there are: Danuta Baduszkowa, Zygmunt Cywiński, Kazimierz Demel, Janina Krajewska, Julian Rummel, Józef Unrug, Józef Winnicki, Jadwiga Titz-Kosko, Teofil Zegarski, Mamert Stankiewicz, Jan Kamrowski, Włodzimierz Prochaska, Dżennet Skibiniewska, Wacław Szczeblewski, Aleksander Dulin.

The collection was presented in the form of a unique exhibit in the “Klif” Gallery from 19th December 2019 to the end of February 2020.