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Florian Staszewski’s negatives of 1945-1946 (116 objects)

Florian Staszewski (1913-1988) – scout, photographer. Before the war, he sailed on the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association’s “Zawisza Czarny” sailing ship. After the war, among others, he served as a permanent photographer on the MS “Batory” ship.

In the Gdynia City Museum’s collection there are 108 black and white negatives by Florian Staszewski which present Gdynia of 1945-1946. Most of them depict the celebrations of the 1st anniversary of Gdynia’s Liberation of 5–6 April 1946:  a parade in  Świętojańska Street, a stand at Kościuszki Square, celebrations in Grunwaldzki Square at the foot of Kamienna Góra. In the collection there also are photos which document the damage of Gdynia’s naval port as well as several exhumations of the soldiers who dies in the fights for Gdynia in March 1945.