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Gdynia Port During World War II (104 objects)

During the occupation, Germans transformed the Gdynia port into a German Navy base (German: Kriegsmarine). It became a repair and supply base for the war and transport vessels. A training centre for the crews was established here. What is more, a centre for the construction of submarines was founded.

Only a small part of the pre-war functions of the port were preserved. Above all, the coal which was transported to the neutral Sweden was still trans-shipped in the Coal Basin. Iron ore was imported. Fishery was also important to the invader. Therefore, during the occupation there was room for fishermen in the Gdynia port too.

In the collection of the Gdynia City Museum there is a set of 158 photographs which present the works on the redevelopment of the Gdynia port to adjust it to the invader’s needs. Among them, you can see the account of the liquid fuel warehouses in today’s Śmidowicza Street, the extension of East Breakwater or the construction of the wooden piers and the pier in the President’s Basin.